Endoplantech Complex Technology KIOMER M3

Endovision developed a new bio material KIOMER M3 with superior effects than existing materials by using our own Endoplantech complex technology.

Endovision bio-material ‘KIOMER M3’ is different, more safe and effective dressing than all existing materials.

Bio Brochure

Plant Based Biopolymer

Since its discovery in 1859, chitosan is the only cationic natural polymer that exists in nature and has been actively studied. As a result, the global chitosan market has been steadily growing, and Grand View Research (USA) recently predicted that the global chitosan market will increase by 17% on an annual average from 2016 to 2025.

Hydron Reinforced Technology

Endovision has applied hydrogen-reinforced chitosan to hemostatic gauze and hydrogel by the innovative chemical treatment process. We have developed functional hemostatic products that not only make up for the shortcomings of chitosan in the natural state, but also develop hemostatic product with antibacterial-anti-inflammatory effects, blood coagulation, and enhanced absorption by reducing patient’s burden and side effect.

The chemical processing & Development of hemostatic manufacture

Thermo Matrix Technology

The hemostatic agent made of molecular bridging has function of platelet adhesion and cohesion. Depending on their use situation, you can control the biodegradable rate of hemostatic product. This absorption-degradation control technology is implemented as hemostasis sponge, fibrillar, powder, and gel shapes optimized for modern health care in sophisticated surgery.


Manufacture of various forms by heat treatment of lyophilization
Sponge / Fibrillar / Powder / Gel

5 Features of KIOMER M3

Products of KIOMER M3

Endovision Thermo-Matrix has excellent strength, high absorption, and performance. Dressing optimized for the medical environment by ensuring safety and controlling decomposition speed through cross liking agent-free molecular size adjustment.

Hemostatic Agent

Wound Care Ointment

Absorbable Agent

Wound Care Dressing