Identifying differentiated items / Conducting continuous R&D / Securing intellectual property rights


Striving to achieve the highest quality / Developing technological expertise / Building optimal infrastructure


Increasing the domestic market share / Expanding into the new overseas market / Building the expert network


Innovation makes a difference!

The willingness to differentiate from innovative products is the corporate spirit of Endovision that remains unchanged in the fast-changing medical industry. The goal of Endovision is to create the safest products and services that satisfy our customers based on original technology and experts in each field.


Since its foundation in 2013, it has created new ideas based on original technology. Despite adversity, we are also constantly developing technology and investing in facilities to improve our competitiveness. Our mission to improve human health and medical devices, and our efforts to satisfy our customers, are being realized by the reputation of being an “R&D-strong Endovision.” We will take more steps to create an imitative brand value, not just product development.
Endovision is the pride of the present and will never stop being passionate and challenged. Endovision asks for your continued attention and support from now on.

Business Area

ENDOVISION, which leads the medical device industry with innovative products, studies, develops, and manufactures a wide range of product mainly with continuous R&D activities for the next generation and advanced bio & mechanical medical device market.

Hemostatic Agent

Wound Care

Tissue Reconstruction

Medical Device

Pet Medications

Spinal Endoscopic UBE




OTC Health Management


  • Conclusion of a contract with countries of 13: USA, India, Switzerland and etc.
  • Product launching: Shaver Console, Fluid Pump, 3DXT Cage 
  • Patent application for 3DXT Cage
  • Acquisition of 10 patent registrations, 6 patent applications, 4 trademark applications
  • OEM supply contract with Zimmerbiomet
  • Pre-Star Enterprise Designation
  • Signs the MOU with Jinjubon Hospital
  • Signs the MOU with Saegaero Hospital
  • Selection of R&D Project – Demonstration of commercialization of technology applied to human origin collagen
  • Designated as Pre-Star Enterprise
  • Global IP Star Enterprise Designation
  • Acquisition of patents for 3 cases including high-frequency therapy devices for spinal endoscopic surgery
  • Establishment of Seoul Branch
  • Completes FDA Establishment Registration : 19 products
  • Obtains CE Mark Certificate : CoC (8 products), DoC (9 products)
  • MFDS : 8 products are registered; 6 products are certified; and 4 products are approved
  • Signs an investment agreement with Jeil Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
  • Establishes Endovision Global (Hong Kong)
  • Obtains ISO13485 Certificate
  • Completes FDA Establishment Registration
  • Obtains CE Mark Certificate : DoC (17 products)
  • MFDS : class 1(5 products), class 2(3 products), class 3-4(1 product)
  • Files a patent application for the fixing device for a medical device placed in the gastrointestinal tract, etc.
  • Camera-still-surgical & Light source-general-purpose are approved by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety
  • Selected as Pre-star Enterprise
  • Dressing-topical Hemostasis-extermal is approved by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety
  • Obtains a patent for incontinence prevention device for men
  • UBE-Probe is approved by MFDS
  • Flexcat-R is approved by MFDS
  • Establishes the corporate affiliated research center
  • Obtains KGMP certification
  • EN-UBE Instrument set (UBE Tool Kit) is approved by MFDS
  • Obtains a patent for recovery device after cervical surgery, etc.
  • 4/3/2013 Establishes ENDOVISION