Launching Kito Activator

Endovision, a medical company that moves into the Daegu-Gyeongbuk Medical Complex,

has developed the first skin protection agent to recover wounds using mushroom chitosan.”
Developed by Endovision, “Kito Activator” is a gel-type treatment applied to wounds caused by surgery, deep wounds to sharp objects, and burns.

When applied to the wound, a translucent membrane forms, protecting the wound from external infection factors and maintaining a wet environment that is effective in healing the wound. It also has safety because it does not use artificial materials such as antibiotics, preservatives, and congeners.

Most of the domestic chitosan products released so far have been feared to have allergic reactions or cross-infection of viruses by using animal chitosan extracted from crabs or shrimp.

However, Endovision solved this problem by commercializing chitosan extracted from mushrooms, a vegetable ingredient. In addition, the amount of molecules is 100 times smaller than that of animal chitosan, which reduces absorption time in the body.

The products were first released for hospitals and will be sold to pharmacies and other markets as early as next month.

Meanwhile, Endovision is working with Daegu-Gyeongbuk Medical Industry Promotion Foundation’s Experimental Animal Center to develop functional Changsang cladding. Previously, it developed ‘Chitosan haemostatic gauze’ for the first time in Korea in 2014.


Source: Maeil News