Leading K-Medical, Endovision

Endovision, a company specializing in medical device manufacturing, has started to explore the global market based on its excellent technology and price competitiveness. Endovision recently announced, “We have signed a contract with Zimmerbiomet to supply medical devices for joint surgery such as high frequency medical devices and probes and are waiting for the first shipment next month.” Founded in 1927, Zimmerbiomet is a global company of U.S.-based musculoskeletal medical devices that exports to more than 100 countries around the world. It has recorded annual sales of more than 9 trillion won since 2017.

“As a result of evaluating products as candidates for various companies, we finally chose Endovision,” said an official from Zimmerbiomet. “We are satisfied that Endovision products meet our quality standards.”


◇ Korean medical device technology entering the world

Starting with Zimmerbiomet’s export to Japan, Endovision is in the process of permission to enter Australia, India, Taiwan, and China. It is expected that Zimmerbiomet’s branches around the world will be able to make more than 10 billion won in annual sales.

In addition, Endo Vision is currently under contract with several global companies. It has signed an annual contract worth 10 billion won with Chinese pharmaceutical company Green Pine, and recently completed a contract with Medrunch, a partner of the University of St. Louis University School of Medicine in the U.S. When the registration of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is completed in the first half of next year, annual sales are estimated to reach 50 billion won. Active negotiations are also taking place with the UK’s Mundipharma and Germany’s RidgeTech.


◇ Two-way endoscopic spine surgery leader

Endo Vision, which was founded in 2013, conducted related research with incumbent doctors even before “two-way endoscopic spinal surgery,” a minimally invasive endoscopy operation, was known in Korea. As a result, a total solution related to two-way endoscopic spinal surgery was completed and five patents were registered.

Recently, the company has been taking the lead in promoting advanced medical technologies to medical staff around the world by broadcasting live footage of minimally invasive endoscopy surgery on an online channel. “We will be able to spread technology to more medical staff in a non-face-to-face manner that suits the Korona 19 era while reducing time and cost,” said Jung Min-ho, CEO of Endovision.


◇ Development of new bio-material ‘KIOMER M3’

Endovision, which has been working on researching functional bio-materials since its establishment, introduced “Kito Activator,” a skin protection agent that recovers wounds using mushroom extraction kithosan for the first time in Korea last year. It is a product that protects wounds and maintains a wet environment that is effective in healing wounds by forming a semi-permeable film when applied to surgical areas, images, and burns.

The Kito Activator was created based on the natural bio material “KIOMER M3″ developed by Endovision. Previously released in Korea, Kito products were feared to cause allergic reactions or cross-infection of viruses by using animal kitosan extracted from crabs or shrimp. Kiomo Emthri, made of chitosan extracted from mushrooms, has no such problem, so it is safe and absorbs faster into the body than animal chitosan materials. It is also equipped with antibacterial power, moisturizing function, and haemostatic function that removes 99.9% of germs, so it can be used in various products. Endovision is preparing to develop not only skin protectors but also gauze, sponge, hydrogel, and powder-type haemostatic agents and release tissue regeneration products that will become future growth engines.


◇”Leads the World Market with Collagen Core Technology”

Endovision has recently been selected as a “human-derived collagen commercialization” project for Smart Wellness regulatory free zones in high-tech medical complexes in Daegu and North Gyeongsang Province, and has winged the development of tissue regenerative medical devices using human-derived collagen. In the process of proving human-derived collagen, which was participated in with Seoul National University Hospital in Bundang, the company focused on providing safe medical products such as microbial contamination and virus-infected diseases. It also went through preliminary verification procedures such as obtaining consent from donors and being reviewed by the Institutional Bioethics Committee (IRB) for ethical verification.

Collagen, which has already been proven to be effective in treatment, is widely used in various areas, ranging from tissue reconstruction such as joints and vertebrae to cosmetic procedures for beauty purposes. In particular, human-derived collagen extracted from human bodies has fewer side effects and faster resilience than collagen obtained from animals such as pigs. According to Endovision, using 200 tons of fat extracted and discarded by liposuction for one year in Korea is estimated to create more than 1 trillion won worth of high value. It can also reduce its dependence on imports of high collagen materials.

“The value of human-derived collagen development, which is the first in the world, will be beyond imagination when commercialized,” CEO Chung said. “We believe that core technology of collagen medical equipment raw materials, which can be secured through this project, will be a powerful weapon to lead the global collagen market.” “Endovision will maintain the pride of ‘Made in Korea’ based on innovative technologies in the medical device market, which is highly dependent on foreign products,” he added.


Source: Contract to supply devices for joint surgery to global medical device companies… Leading ‘K Medical’ – Chosun Ilbo (chosun.com)